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February 4th,The day that shaped my educational pathway and future career interests. Since the day cannabis was legalized in the State of Illinois on January first in the year of , I have taken much interest in familiarizing myself with the plant. My interest in cannabis went so far as to potentially considering a full-time career within the cannabis industry. I found myself searching for job opportunities, and even universities I could attend in a pursuit of gaining all the knowledge I possibly can to prepare myself in this career path.

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February 4th,The day that shaped my educational pathway and future career interests. Since the day cannabis was legalized in the State of Illinois on January first in the year of , I have taken much interest in familiarizing myself with the plant. My interest in cannabis went so far as to potentially considering a full-time career within the cannabis industry. I found myself searching for job opportunities, and even universities I could attend in a pursuit of gaining all the knowledge I possibly can to prepare myself in this career path.

I have finally found my calling and what I want to do with my life. Discouragement set in as I realized I could not pursue my career choice because Western Illinois University did not offer classes pertaining to cannabis. I am a senior here at Western and so close to graduation, so choosing a different school was not at the top of my priority list, but it was a possibility.

Until… I received an email that forever changed my life. I was so excited for this new opportunity so I emailed my advisor right away to change my minor. From that point on, I have devoted my interests to the cannabis industry. Cannabis production is my minor, but I am also majoring in agriculture business, which has helped me gain knowledge in business aspects of the cannabis industry.

The courses I am taking at WIU for my cannabis minor have been enriching and the highlight of my degree pursuit. Here is an example of the experience I am gaining through WIU and taking this minor:.

Through this change at WIU, I am able to express my passions and fulfill my love for producing cannabis. The benefits this plant can offer are not only based on health aspects, but also those based on job opportunities and career development. The cannabis industry is continuously growing so the need for workers will rise tremendously. The opportunities I have been given at WIU will allow me to delve into an industry that has helped so many people as well as my own personal growth.

After I complete my course work and graduate from WIU, I will be taking the skills and knowledge I have gained and focus on implementing them in fulfilling my dream job in a cannabis related career. I am excited to finally be able to put my new found knowledge to use and produce a plant that has been known to benefit so many people.

I am not a traditional agriculture student. I did not grow up on a farm, but I have always had an interest and passion for agriculture. Growing up in a rural community has helped shaped my interests in agriculture.

My love and passion for agriculture has been what has fueled my want to pursue a higher education within this great industry. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! When I was first picking out colleges to attend when I was a senior in high school, I knew that I did not want to come to Western. I am from Macomb, so I tried to get out and experience new things.

By coming to Western, I thought that I would be just like everyone else that I went to high school with. My options were Iowa State and Western.

I ended up picking Western after a few months of deciding which would be the best option. I chose Western because I knew deep down I would be happier. Living at home sounded better than moving four hours away, not knowing anybody. I remember my very first day at Western last fall. I was told I needed to get on Western Online, so I knew where everything for the class was. I was baffled and did not know what my professor was talking about. After Ember explained what it was, I felt better and started to explore Western Online.

Once I got used to Western Online, I was able to navigate it with no problems. When I had to request a book from the library for the first time, I was very lost. Most of the students in my class were lost, and it made my professor mad. After we were taught how to do that, it became easier. Each semester I have had one class that is in the library for one day where we are taught how to request books, which is very helpful.

To me, knowing how to use the library resources is one of the most important things. I have written a lot of papers for my classes, and learning how to navigate the library resources has been a tremendous help.

I did not have a campus tour before I started at Western, so I was very lost. I knew where the buildings on the north side of campus were but not the south side. I have only had classes in three buildings during my time here at Western, and those buildings are Waggoner, Knoblauch, and Tillman. The first time I had to go to my art class in Tillman, I had no idea where to go. I was incredibly lost and started to freak out a little bit because it seemed like every time I asked someone where Tillman was, they could not help me find it.

Once I found Tillman, I was finally able to relax, and then finding the buildings on that side of campus was easier. I wish I was given a tour of campus because it would have been so helpful before I started classes last fall. I am happy that I decided to come back home to finish my degree at Western. I have made so many new friends here, and I have had such a fun time.

The horticulture classes have been my favorite part of my time here at Western. As someone who was so against Western, to begin with, I love it now. The memories that I have made are something that I would never trade for anything. Making homemade flower pots in Dr. The entire time we made the pots, my classmates and I laughed and just had a fun time. The most important thing is always to speak up and ask for help when you need it.

Without asking for help, I would not be where I am today. It has helped me become a better student because I can use the available resources. Hello everyone! I was born and raised in Macomb, Illinois. After graduating in the spring of , I plan to relocate to Ames, Iowa, to work for Country Landscapes. With a growing global population, and resource scarcity, consumers and producers will need to become more efficient.

It is possible to produce more food with fewer inputs, and one way to do this is with urban farming. Simply put urban farming is the cultivation of fresh produce within a city or urban environment. This practice appeals to metropolitan consumers that want to eat fresh and high-quality foods. It also appeals to consumers that are concerned with conservation and sustainability for many reasons. Urban farming can take on many different forms, styles, and scales.

This includes everything from plants grown in a downtown apartment window to a large vertical farm in a converted warehouse. As with many things our ability to create is only limited by our imaginations. As producers continue to develop urban farming techniques and methods the role of urban farming will continue to grow.

I believe that urban farming will play a major role in agriculture in the future. What exactly is urban farming you ask? While some might debate what should or should not be included in this topic, I personally believe that it is the cultivation of fruits and vegetables on any scale within an urban environment.

This could be a family growing vegetables on the balcony of their apartment, or a community garden with like minded individuals that share garden plots. It could also be an apartment building with a rooftop garden, or a rooftop integrated greenhouse. A larger example would be an old warehouse that was converted into vertical farm.

These are just a few ways metropolitan people have adapted farming to the urban environment. The concept of urban farming is often combined with other practices that can provide even more benefit.

For example, hydroponics or aquaponics can be practiced in a small space in an apartment. These are plants I grew hydroponically in my kitchen.

Here you can see I have grown lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and garden beans. Urban farming is a growing sector in agriculture. Companies like Gotham Greens are finding success commercializing urban farming by growing the produce where the consumers are. Gotham Greens has eight growing operations in six major U. Here they grow, harvest, and package fresh vegetables for retail. They can literally bring it downstairs and place it on the shelf to be sold.

There are other companies like this that are developing commercial urban farms. Another example of urban farming would be the various community farms that urban dwellers can join.

Even a small city like Macomb, IL, has its own community garden. With this community garden members sign up for plots, as well as volunteer to help maintain community plots. These are just two examples of how urban farming has evolved. Now that we understand what urban farming is, we might want to consider the benefits.

The global population continues to grow unchecked which strains our resources. Metropolitan areas also continue to expand infringing on already limited arable land, and the world seems smaller and smaller. Considering we all face resource scarcity one might be concerned with conservation and sustainability. While at first glance urban farming might not seem to be more conservative, but we should consider the inputs and final destination of the goods produced. With urban farming we save fuel by growing the produce where it is in demand thus eliminating the need for transportation across long distances.

Ardie website

Marketable Career Fields. Most recently, he served at Oakland Community College OCC in Michigan as campus president, with progressive responsibilities as chief operating officer for the college's two largest campuses, Auburn Hills and Orchard Ridge. Oakland Community College Est. Newsmakers - Community College Daily The purpose of SG is to foster student engagement on campus and in the community.

Francis of Assisi, our varied curricular and co-curricular programs prepare students academically, spiritually, and personally for Macomb Community College.

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For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Flashcards Collections. Documents Last activity. Visit us online today! Sign up for a Career Workshop on page 3, or for more information email healthcareers macomb. Online: Go to www. New students click on Community; click on Register for Continuing Education Classes in the upper right. South Campus location change effective Dec.

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The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The college's offerings include university transfer, early college, professional certification, workforce development, continuing education and enrichment. Please check that it is a valid photo. Unable to add this file. Get comprehensive information on the number of employees at Macomb Community College.

Illinois director of agriculture.

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From the latest in technology to personal attention provided by first-rate professors, Macomb offers you more of what you need to succeed in the career markets of the 21st century. Learners of all ages pursue their interests via Macomb's incredible range of courses, degree and certificate programs, enrichment opportunities, and more. May - October eYantra Industries Pvt. February - Present Fuel Managers, Inc. HR Consultant, Univ. Professor, Educ.

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The workshop will start with a continental breakfast at 8 a. The workshop is designed to educate members of the community on emerging local, national and international trends in agricultural practices. The workshop features morning and afternoon sessions with a variety of keynote lectures and smaller breakout sessions for individualized interests. Both will deliver keynote addresses, and Schweikhardt will lead a session on the impacts of the recently passed Farm Bill. Among the MSU Extension specialists leading breakout sessions will be Jeremy Moghtader, organic farming specialist, on current trends in organic farming. MSU professors and experts will talk on topics ranging from turfgrass and greenhouse production to community food systems. The event will also feature a panel discussion featuring agriculture leaders from Macomb County discussing the local impacts of agricultural practices. October 6,

approved course through a provider such as Edgenuity, a community college, Introduction to Agriculture Industry is a recommended course for all 9th.

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Right now, 16 students are sitting at wooden desks, jotting notes while Todd Alton delivers a lecture in his Horticulture class. It wants the red light. Now, Alton begins the lab portion of his class.

MSU and Macomb Community College host Trends in Agriculture workshop

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This project will enable researchers from all across the United States to collaborate and host meetings on an annual basis. Looking at data recently recorded through the Lands of America Comparable Sales program, the most land and rural The Illinois Department of Agriculture has been allocated funds this federal fiscal year from the U.

Continuing Education - Macomb Community College

Registration is now open at www. Cockburn, Plummer lead Illinois past Notre Dame NewsNow aims to be the world's most accurate and comprehensive Illinois Fighting Illini Basketball news aggregator, bringing you the latest Illinois headlines from the best Fighting Illini sites and other key national and regional sports sources. Huff led the Illini into the Big Ten Conference, which formed inIt has only been a few weeks … Get the Fighting Illini sports stories that matter. Deadline Sept.

Pritzker Announces $103.5M Plan to Improve Several Illinois Community Colleges

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