Slow growing small indoor succulent plants

Slow growing small indoor succulent plants


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Last year I saw a cute tutorial on Pinterest showing how to make a succulent wreath with fake branches. I had a few plants in my house that were still healthy and growing. A wreath is a great way to give a little personality and flair to a plant.

This year, as a finishing school assignment, I decided to make a larger, more decorative wreath using the cute plant I had in my house and a few other plants I had laying around. I use fake succulents that have an elastic bracelet hanging from them.

This wreath was quite fun to make and I think it turned out nice and summery.

Here is my finished wreath! (If you want the full size and enlarged images of each of the succulent parts, I have added them to the bottom of this post.)

I wanted to give the illusion that the fake branches were an organic and natural element of the wreath. I used strips of torn white paper and little white plastic birds from Dollar Tree as a finishing touch.

Here are my supplies:

Fake branches. I love these because they are so cute and fun and yet natural looking. These are made of elastic and the size are determined by the amount of branches that you order. For this wreath I ordered two large ones and five small ones. You can purchase them for $0.80 or $1.50 each.

Filler branches. I wanted to make the wreath look natural and rustic so I decided to get a few fake spruce trees (fake branches are made of fake spruce trees). I grabbed these at Home Depot for $2.00 each. I used one more spruce tree (from home depot again) for a finishing touch and to adhere the wreath to the door.

Fake succulents. I found these succulents at Michael’s for $1.50 each. I like that they come in adorable little pots with a cozy little dish of dirt.

Rabbits (from dollar tree). To make these bunny ears, I wrapped a piece of duct tape around the back of the rabbit’s head and then tucked the duct tape around the leaves. They really stand out, and they are even more fun to look at if you put your bunny ears inside a pot of dirt.

White paper. To get the white background for the wreath, I started by tearing a piece of white paper. I tore a little strip from the center of the wreath and then placed it on the bottom layer to give a good base for the wreath.

Wreath pins. To use as a wreath pin, I just cut a circle out of a brown paper lunch sack. I just found these in my bathroom drawer, so they were the perfect size. They are $0.20 each at Dollar Tree.

A birdhouse. This is a Dollar Tree find. I used the little plastic ducks inside as a wreath pin. I love it.


I purchased my fake succulents at Michael’s. You need to have a coupon in order to purchase the succulents. If you don’t have a coupon, you can contact Michael’s and ask if they carry these succulents. The succulents I bought had six stems that were $0.10 each and two pieces of plastic that were $0.30 each. (I combined both the plastic and stems.) If you are buying the succulents from somewhere else, it might be more than six stems, so check the price.

I started by planting the fake succulents. Each plant has a “nest” that you put dirt in to create a home for the succulents to grow. They have instructions on the package.

For this project, I started with two large fake spruce trees. I pushed down a few soil sticks to push the roots of the tree in to the bottom of the wreath.

Next, I found one of my little spruce trees from home depot. The two spruce trees are part of a “set” and the little spruce tree is $1.50. I just stuck the little spruce tree in the top of the wreath, so it was just the right height. I covered the entire wreath with plastic.

I used a pretty patterned paper for the rest of the wreath.

I stuck a small hole in the center of the top layer of the wreath, right where the fake succulents were planted. I stuck my new wreath pin in there to show how it looked.

I tied some of my fake succulents to the outside of the wreath.

I hope you enjoy making this wreath and get some inspiration for your own living arrangements.


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