Titanopsis calcarea


Titanopsis fulleri

Titanopsis fulleri is listed as a synonym of Titanopsis calcarea. It is a mat-forming succulent with rosettes of 5 to 6 pairs of blue-green leaves that…

Concrete Leaf Succulent Info

The concrete leaf plant (Titanopsis calcarea) is a succulent native to the Western Cape province of South Africa. It grows in a rosette pattern of gray to blue-green leaves. The tips of the leaves are covered in a rough, dense, bumpy pattern that ranges in color from white to red to blue, depending upon the variety. The result is a plant that looks remarkably stone-like in appearance. In fact, its name, calcarea, means “limestone-like”).

This is likely no accident, as the concrete leaf succulent grows naturally in the crevices of limestone outcrops. Its stony appearance is almost definitely a defensive adaptation meant to trick predators into mistaking it for its surroundings. In late autumn and winter, the plant produces striking yellow, circular flowers. While they detract a bit from the camouflage, they are really beautiful.

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